The Mumma Kit - Pregnancy
The Mumma Kit - Pregnancy
The Mumma Kit - Pregnancy
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The Mumma Kit - Pregnancy

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Designed to pamper your loved ones and ensure the Mum’s don’t miss out! 

*Salts cylinder pictured is currently substituted with 2 100g foil packs* 

Our Mumma pack includes:

  • Hair Clip to keep the locks out of the way when pampering (or just offer some variation to the ‘mum bun’)


  • Salty Vibes Bath Salts: YOU are the best, YOU are incredible, YOU are amazing. YOU push through all the shit and bring the sunshine to the storm. YOU are treasured, loved and appreciated. YOU deserve this. YOU need this. It's time to put YOU first. YOU | Bergamot, Lemon, Orange. *Cylinder pictured is currently substituted for 2x 100g foil packs*


  • The Golden Month Womb Balm: This handcrafted balm is made, with love, for mamas to help heal their womb and re-connect to their centre with self-abdominal massage postpartum. Plant-based butters and rich oils combine to promote feminine energy, soothe aching muscles, warm the womb, ease after birth pains and nourish dry skin stretched during pregnancy. Bring back some love to where baby once was. Apply a small amount to hands and warm togetherbefore massaging into the abdomen in a clockwise direction with light pressure - to compliment digestion. 



  • Franjos Ginger and Apricot Belly Bump Biscuits. Craving something sweet? When pregnancy hunger hits, you need a satisfying snack that will nourish you with nutrients. That’s why we developed our biscuits for your belly, a healthy alternative to that (second) block of chocolate. 14 Biscuits. 




Bath Salts:

What’s in the salty goods?

Each mix has a blend of sea, epsom and Himalayan salts as well as magnesium for its detox and nourishing abilities. These are then mixed with an organic coconut oil and a blend of essential oils to bind it all together and create a relaxing scent.


Womb Balm:


Coconut Oil^, Cacao Butter^, Grape Seed Oil^, She Oak Bach Flower^, Rose Geranium*^, Myrrh*^, Frankincense*^.
*Essential Oils  ^Organic Ingredients


Use only as directed. For external use only. Avoid any c-section scar for 6 weeks or until advised by a midwife. If symptoms persist seek medical advice. Store between 5°C - 30°C. Discontinue use if any adverse reaction occurs and consult a physician immediately. Keep out of reach of children. Patch testing is recommend prior to use.




Pregnancy: Organic wholemeal spelt flour, organic coconut sugar, diced apricots (contain sulphur), diced walnuts, organic coconut oil, tahini pumpkin kernels, flaxseeds, shredded coconut, ground ginger salt, bicarbonate of soda, citrus fibre, water. *Manufactured on equipment that also makes products containing soy, gluten, dairy and nuts.